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Job: Physiotherapist

Title Physiotherapist
Categories Social
Location Kabul
Job Information


About Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) invites all qualified candidates to apply for the following position. SCA actively promotes and encourages Women and People with Disabilities to apply

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is a non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organisation working to assist in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. SCA’s interventions inside Afghanistan began in 1982. Today SCA runs four major development programmes within Disability, Education, Health and Rural Development and is one of the largest NGOs in the country. SCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment based on their skills, abilities and experience without regard to age (18-65 years), race, colour, religion, marital status, sex, physical disability, or veteran status.

Non-monetary Benefits for Females:
Transportation close to residence and work, child nursery at workplace, safe travel facilities and companion to field trips, female association membership, trainings and capacity building

Job Summary

The Physiotherapist is responsible for physiotherapy services in Rehabilitation of Afghans with Desirability (RAD), clinics and centres according to given guide lines. S/he will provide physiotherapy services to clients, give referrals, maintain clear records, and follow-up and report on activities in the physiotherapy clinic.
They Physiotherapist reports to the Head of Physiotherapy

Duties and Resposibilities

• To treat those disabled and non disabled people in the area who need physiotherapy either at home or in the clinic
• To mange the physiotherapy care of the patient, including patient assessment treatment planning and implementation for those conditions and disabilities prevalent in area
• To asses the disabled people identified by Community Bases Rehabilitation Worker (CBRW) and community volunteers in the community who may need physiotherapy
• To express good empathy, safety and competence in the handling of disabled and none disabled physiotherapy related patient
• To follow up the disabled people who have been referred to other rehabilitation sources
• To participate in internal RAD-Project coordination meetings
• To advise on suitable technical aids to the CBR Workers and community volunteers and family trainers physiotherapy
• Home visit should be conducted regularly in accordance to planned time table, which should be made in consultation and coordination with CBR-Workers and community volunteers
• To keep clinic and it is instrument clean and tidy and sore all equipment in a safe way
• To provide necessary awareness in relation to disabilities and prevention of disability for the People with Disabilities, their family and the community


• Graduated from a Physiotherapy institution
• At least 3 years working Experience in this field
• Strong interpersonal and communication skill
• Fluency in Dari and Pashto , good command of English is an advantage
• Computer skills (Word & excel) programmes
• Ready to work, live and travel in an intricate and strenuous environment
• Being an Afghan citizen

Submission Guideline

 Interested qualified candidates should submit a SCA Job Application Form along with possible introduction letter and CV to the SCA HRM Unit in Kabul, Ghazni, Kunduz, Wardak, Taloqan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, Laghman, Samangan and Sar-e-pul. The application form can be obtained from the gate at all these SCA offices as well as from the SCA website: (vacancies section) and (downloads section).
 For applying online please send your application / CV to
 Academic job documents are not needed with application, but can be requested if called for interview.
 Only short-listed candidates will be informed for written test and interview.

Office add:
Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Jalalabad Main Road, Paktia Kot, after UNO Education Press Kabul
Postal address: Central P.O. Box 5017, Kabul City
Phone: 0799-316 367, 075-202 3568
Web site:

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