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Job: Social Organizer

Title Social Organizer
Categories Social
Job Information
Job Categories: Administrative
Minimum Education Level: University Degree
Vacancy Number: N/A
Position: Social Organizer
Organization: DACAAR
Duty Station: Nangarhar
City: East Region / Regional Office with travel to related Districts of Nangarhar, Laghman & Kabul Offices
Duration: Project based till end of December-2012 (extendable)
Gender: Male/Female
Salary Range: As per company / Organization Salary Policy
Announcing Date: 07/16/2012
Closing Date: 07/29/2012
Nationality: National
No. of Jobs: 1
Job Type: Full Time
Shift: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Job Status: Interviewing
Experience: 3 Years

DACAAR is a non-governmental, humanitarian organization that supports sustainable development in Afghanistan through promoting the ability of local communities to decide upon and manage their own development process. The organisation employs around 650 staff of whom 11 are expatriates. Core thematic areas are: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; Natural Resource Management; Small Scale Enterprise Development; Women’s Empowerment; Capacity Development; and Knowledge Management.


Duties & Responsibilities:  

  • Disseminate awareness about DRR for the committee in the project area.
  • Follow up DRR training within communities.
  • Motivate community members in order to take part in training and preparedness for potential disaster.
  • Studies situation in the selected district/villages to find potential disaster risk.
  • Identifies type and severity of risks in order to enable the personnel to prepare for their approach towards the communities.
  • Support DRR trainers to conduct trainings properly and smoothly.
  • Identify the size of the communities and the size of the village; it could be well possible that the inclusion of the community members in the Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) is more than what the project covers.
  • Creates awareness with the elders and see if there is a need for the DRR approach
  • Facilitate a village workshop for DRR trainers to analyze the situation.
  • Fill and prepare together with the DRR trainers all the required forms
  • Establish CBDRM committees in community and district levels and link them to the Provincial Natural Disaster Management Authority (PNDMA).
  • Prepares reports for various levels namely: the district authority, community workshop is documented.
  • Ensures that case studies are prepared.
  • Prepare monthly progress report for DACAAR relevant field officer.
  • Prepares reports on various levels, the district authority should know what happens, community should have a document, DRR manual, in local language that they can refer too, and for the donor and internal use in DACAAR English.
  • Plan weekly/monthly plan.
  • Sign vehicle log book on daily basis
  • Any other task given by immediate supervisor.




Education: Bachelor in Social Sciences or equivalent


Experience: Three Years of experience


Other qualifications’ an advantage: IT Proficiency, Good Interpersonal Skills, Good Social Organizational and mobilization Skills


Languages: Dari, Pashto and English



Employment benefits:

  • Good training opportunities to enhance employees’ skills
  • Eid bonus on both Eids (after the completion of three months service)
  • 36 days of paid annual leave per year
  • 10 days of paid sick leave per year
  • 30 days of paid Hajj leave (after the completion of one year service)
  • 90 days of paid maternity leave for female employees(after the completion of three months service)
  • 5 days of paid paternity leave for male employees(after the completion of three months service)
  • 15 days of public holidays per year
Submission Guideline:  

Procedure for submission of applications:

Interested and qualified candidates should submit introduction letter and CV to  or to HR Department in DACAAR Main Office Kabul.



DACAAR, Main Office, Paikob-e-Naswar, Wazirabad, Kabul, Afghanistan

Postal address: P.O. Box 208, Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: (+93) 020 220 1750 / (+93) 020 2200 330
Web site:



DACAAR is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all sections of the society. While all applicants will be strictly assessed on their individual merit, qualified women, people with disabilities and members of minority communities are especially encouraged to apply.

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